When research needs are greater than available resources

DWA is your one stop shop for freelance help

DWA is all about expanding your research capacity and capabilities.

Our goal

To make your job easier and your department/company more successful by relieving capacity constraints and reducing stress levels so you avoid saying ‘no’ to important requests, missing delivery deadlines and spreading your employees too thin.

Generally we work with three types of clients:



We work on both qualitative & quantitative projects…write proposals/questionnaires, monitor groups, take notes, pull quotes, write tab plans, post tables, analyze results, write reports, & prepare presentations.



We manage clients/ suppliers/ projects, lead teams, fill open positions, mentor staff, develop/deliver employee training and consult regarding organization and process. 


No In-House Researchers

We provide a complete solution tailored to each client’s needs (whether for one project or a full-year plan) and we can do it from our offices or theirs.

Client benefits include:

  • Greater flexibility and responsiveness 
  • No project delays to approve & find additional headcount
  • More time to find and hire the right person to fill openings
  • No need to staff for peak periods
  • Extensive qualitative and quantitative capabilities & experience
  • Domestic and International research experience
  • Willingness to work in client offices or remotely from my office
  • Significant staff training and mentoring experience
  • A network of proven research professionals to call on if needed
  • Additional experience whenever it is needed

Clients only use the services they need,
When they need them,
And they only pay for the services used.

What clients say about DWA:

"Dick is an outstanding writer & very creative at visually presenting data. He also delivers on time & budget."
Katie Anderson
Owner Anderson Qualitative Research
"Dick is one of the most commercially-focused and talented research professionals I've worked with. He has an amazing ability to understand complex business issues quickly and to focus in on what really matters."
Patricia Driver
VP Marketing Research at American Express
"Dick has been an integral part of our organization for many years, applying his extensive research and client management experience to our analysis and reporting needs both qualitative and quantitative."
Susan Saurage-Altenloh
Owner Saurage Research
"I’ve been working with DWA for nearly 3 years. The VP of Marketing hired him to mentor and train me as I was new to the marketing research role, and the only person in my department working with research. I have learned so much from Dick, developed a fantastic personal relationship and grown tremendously as a research in my time with him. I no longer need DWA’s strong guidance or training, but continue to use him as a second set of hands to move projects forward as my plate fills up. He is a major asset to me and my company."
Kristen Dickey
Head of Research, Insights and Planning, Farm Credit Mid-America

Let DWA help you grow your market research capacity and capabilities.